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  • EP 166 // You Can Do Good In Your Sphere of Influence // Christine Baird

    “It’s easy for us to forget, in times like this, that we actually do have the power to do good with our platforms.” It’s been a rough week in the world, specifically because Russia invaded Ukraine and brought a lot of of suffering to innocent people. But these are the times we live in and […]

  • EP 165 // The Passion v. Skills Myth // Christine Baird

    “I think we’re ending a 10 year cycle of a certain kind of messaging and marketing about this idea that you can monetize your passion if you just use the right tools and buy the right program and hire the right coach.” I’m unpacking the super popular idea that if you learn how to monetize […]

  • EP 164 // A Season of Worthfull Work // Christine Baird

    “The technology keeps changing, but connection and trust are what still work. Ideas that spread, win. Ideas that stick are worth even more. You can race to be first on a new platform, but it’s far better to be the voice that we would miss if you weren’t there.” Seth Godin It’s the beginning of […]

  • EP 163 // What I Learned from a Year of Affirmations // Christine Baird

    “Let’s remember that our worth has been with us throughout this entire season and probably supported us in ways we didn’t fully realize.” It’s the end of Season 4! Wow, what a year this was and what a gift committing to making these affirmation episodes has been to me. There were many weeks this year […]

  • EP 162 // Grace for Your Pace // Worthfull Affirmation

    “Maybe you’ve been going at your very highest pace for a very long time.” The phrase “grace for your pace” descended into my mind a few weeks ago, and I saved it for a worthfull affirmation episode. It seems that the times we live in are a constant pull on our pace. There’s always a […]