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  • EP 15 // Looking Inward at Just Me // Colie Wasmund

    “It doesn’t have to be hard for you to be worthy to get it.” Who do I be? The first time I heard that question, it caught me off guard. What does it mean to “be?” I wondered. I always assumed “doing” was more important than “being.” But the more I learn about worth, the […]

  • EP 14 // Coming Home to Myself // Alison Burger

    “It’s not an immediate result. It’s a slow coming home to self that happens over time.” There are some conversations I’ve recorded for the podcast so far that are just pure joy and sugar. This is one of them. My dear friend Alison Burger has been a role model to me for years of what […]

  • EP 13 // Healing With Myself // Theo Yang

    “Love yourself girl, or nobody will.” – J. Cole One of the parts of living a worthfull life that I respect the most is leaving the beaten career path to do the work you’re best built to do. I’ve experienced (and am still experiencing) that in my life and it’s been one of the most […]

  • EP 12 // Learning to Listen to My Soul // Saray Deiseil

    “When things come back and knock on your door, open the door.” Some people are born with incredible gifts that are obviously meant to contribute in a big way to the world. My friend Saray Deiseil is one of those people. She is a filmmaker, producer, director, IronMan triathlete, spiritual seeker, and so much more. […]

  • EP 11 // Seeing the Beauty in People // Eliza Moody

    “A lot of where we end up is what we expect.” I love intelligent women who aren’t afraid to contribute their full thoughts and brilliance to a conversation.. Sometimes I think of myself this way — but sometimes I don’t say all that I was thinking (only to regret it later). It is so encouraging […]