Category: Podcast

  • EP 20 // Owning Your Worth // Christine Baird

    “It’s more than okay to show your worth. It’s needed, it’s desired, it’s wanted.” I’ve had such a beautiful flood of ideas around what it means to live worthfully that I had to pop in for a solo round on Episode 20. Also, we’ve hit episode 20! Wow! I didn’t even notice we’d come that […]

  • EP 19 // Creating the Life I Talk About // Sami Udell

    “Even when you don’t feel ready, you can still learn.” This is one of my favorite podcast conversations to date. Maybe it’s because it was such an in-the-flow-of-life conversation, or maybe it’s because Sami Udell is a friend who inspires me so deeply. Maybe it’s because I respect entrepreneurs who hustle and own their worth. […]

  • EP 18 // Loving Myself Through the Darkness // Stephanie Kwong

    “You can’t truly experience the light until you feel the dark.” Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought some not-so-nice things about yourself? How about downright mean ones? I think most, if not all of us, have experienced this. But it wasn’t until I started doing some deeper self-love work a few years […]

  • EP 17 // Being Worthy of Being Vulnerable // Mimi Truong

    “Are you worthy of being in a loving relationship, of being vulnerable?” Have you ever suddenly realized an assumption you had made about yourself wasn’t true? It can be wildly unnerving and scary or it can be one of the greatest opportunities for personal growth. My dear friend Mimi Truong had one of these wake […]

  • EP 16 // Moving My Body as Medicine // Jamie Baker

    “It felt like a language that I knew I could come back to.” If you love listening to genuine belly laughs, you’re probably going to love this conversation. My gorgeous sister friend Jamie Baker mirrors back to me my own joy and love of life. So when we get together, it’s a loving laughter fest. […]