EP 34 // Shifting from Self-Judgment to Self-Love // Christine Baird

“A lot of this practice of shifting out of judgment is loving who we really are.”

I wanted to dive into one of the most important topics of living worthfully today — dropping the habit of self-judgment and returning to the habit of self-love.

This has been a HUGE part of my journey to own my worth. Huge. It’s ongoing, and I’m constantly learning as I go.

It’s one of the most challenging pieces of living worthfully, but it’s also one of the most rewarding.

As I was journaling this morning, I wrote down a list of things that have changed in my life since I stopped judging myself. It was one of the most beautiful lists I’ve ever made.

This episode is one of my favorites so far. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed re-learning to love myself.

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Show notes:

  • How I learned to judge myself as a child (5:05)
  • The first step towards shifting out of self-judgment (10:34)
  • How the process of detoxing from self-judgment is opening Pandora’s box (13:20)
  • The mental checklist I run through now when I catch myself in self-judgment (14:30)
  • Why I needed a foundation of self-love to face my deepest insecurities (18:25)
  • How our self-judgment gets reflected in our judgment of others (20:35)
  • Things that changed when I stopped judging myself (24:12)

“My self-judgment was cutting my dreams off at the knees.”

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