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  • EP 29 // Letting My Unworthiness Show Me My Worth // Sarah Anassori

    “The unworthiness was the way to become worthy.” I met my new friend Sarah Anassori during lunch at a lovely event several months ago, and we hit it off right away. But it wasn’t until our follow up brunch that we began to realize how similar our paths have been on our journeys to owning […]

  • EP 27 // Having Something to Offer // Christine Baird

    “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” – Marianne Williamson I just returned (tonight) from a really wonderful trip to Mexico City. I got to go there with a couple of vloggers, creators, and influencers who are committed to elevating the human experience. You can probably […]

  • EP 25 // My Tools for Dealing with Mistakes // Christine Baird

    “I’m still blooming. And so are you. We don’t need to judge ourselves in the process.” Last week I recorded two episodes in one sitting (thinking they’d be one), so now it’s time to post the second part. As I was talking about the value of showing the unpolished process of our lives, I thought […]

  • EP 24 // Loving the Unpolished Process // Christine Baird

    “We give people a chance to witness our evolution.” There’s one piece of living worthfully that’s been on my mind lately — so I of course wanted to record a solo episode about it. It’s something I’m practicing daily, whether I want to or not. It’s the thing that held me back from sharing my […]

  • EP 20 // Owning Your Worth // Christine Baird

    “It’s more than okay to show your worth. It’s needed, it’s desired, it’s wanted.” I’ve had such a beautiful flood of ideas around what it means to live worthfully that I had to pop in for a solo round on Episode 20. Also, we’ve hit episode 20! Wow! I didn’t even notice we’d come that […]