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  • Time to Grow a New Harvest

    Time to Grow a New Harvest

    Selfie shot while weeding in my own yard for the first time in a decade. I didn’t mind the winter (it was pretty mild here in Utah this year), but after such a wild year of ups and downs and isolation, this spring sun literally feels like life is being poured back into me. I…

  • Presenting My Worth to the Public

    Presenting My Worth to the Public

    I lost this wonderful lipstick during my wedding but it lives on through this photo Yesterday I had two job interviews (plus a new client call), and as I finished the second one, I felt the immediate need to decompress. I intuitively grabbed my earphones, put on my coat, and went for a walk while…

  • Express Yourself

    Express Yourself

    One of my many real smiles, caught by a friend on camera This morning I was looking at my vision board for the year as I was getting dressed. I hadn’t really paid attention to it in several days. One of the phrases I cut out of a magazine and pasted onto it was “express…