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  • EP 83 // Joy First // Christine Baird

    “Human beings were created to experience joy.” I had a beautiful experience this weekend in which I let myself be so “still” and rejuvenate so fully that I was actually energized and looking forward to a new work week by Sunday night. Novel. I realized that this was only possible because I’ve been practicing putting […]

  • EP 78 // Letting the Unexpected Reflect Your Worth // Christine Baird

    “I am worthy of all of this joy and all of these blessings and all of this abundance and all of this grace.” I have experienced so much of the unexpected in the last year of my life. And it’s had me thinking recently about how blessed the unexpected can turn out to be. But […]

  • EP 64 // Becoming a Priority in My Own Life // Christine Baird

    “Become a priority in your own life.” I read this quote on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and it stuck with me. This has been a huge work-in-progress for me on my worthfull journey. From years of putting myself as low priority in my own life, I’ve been slowly learning to put myself higher and higher up on my own priority […]

  • EP 60 // Shedding the Armor // Christine Baird

    “I’ve learned new ways to be protected and stay soft.” I just got to LA for a work trip and have been noticing my emotions and thoughts on returning to the city that so much of my worthfull journey has happened in. The most palpable feeling I recognized on my first night here was the weight of the armor that I wore when I […]

  • EP 58 // Happiness Because I Said So // Christine Baird

    “[Happiness] when it’s done right, is a kind of holiness, palpable and redemptive.” – Mary Oliver I read this little snippet of a poem this morning during my morning routine and it sunk right into me. What a beautiful way to think about happiness – a holy redemption that is our choice. At the end of the day, […]