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  • EP 61 // Owning My Worth as a Leader // Samantha (Sammy) Rabstein

    “Candor heightens the feelings of trust.” I had the delightful opportunity to visit the home of my dear friend, client, and co-worker Sammy last weekend while in LA, and we recorded an episode for the podcast. This isn’t a typical Worthfull Project episode. It’s a deep dive into the nuance of worthfull communication and leadership from the perspective of someone […]

  • EP 54 // Finding My Worth Through Imperfection // Katie Lee

    “I add value by just being me.” I met a new friend at an open mic night (that she was performing at), and she started listening to the Worthfull Project when she found out about my podcast. I’m always so flattered and grateful anytime anyone listens to the show, but when she told me she had some thoughts to share that […]

  • EP 52 // Anchoring Your Worth In Your Vision // Marj Desius

    “All the messy things that happen in our lives make our message stronger.” I recently met a gorgeous angel in real life – my new friend Marj who is an incredible singer, vocal coach, actor, mother, wife, speaker, author, etc. I barely knew Marj when we sat down to record this episode, but I knew […]

  • EP 51 // Finding Worth in Studying Sacred Texts // Traci Garff Longmore

    “When you give God time, He’ll talk to you.” Wowie zowie. Season 2 of the Worthfull Project podcast is upon us, and there is a change in the wind. I knew I wanted to elevate the show and the conversations I was having. Because why not? So I thought about the best conversations I have and how I can bring those to the […]

  • EP 49 // Finding My Worth in a Crucible of Chaos // Rebekah Anderson

    “Sometimes only a fire that hot can burn through our walls.” Sometimes a friend offers to record a podcast episode with me and they are the type of person who is willing to discuss the things most people are not willing to discuss. That is when I get really grateful that we are recording a […]