Hello, I’m Christine Baird. I’m the creator of the Worthfull Project. For work, I teach brands how to podcast like big wigs. For fun, I blog, speak, and podcast about what’s possible when we own our worth.

I’ve been on the journey of learning to own my worth for the past several years — therapy, coaching, workshops, books, podcasts, relationships, mentors, etc. — and a few years ago I decided to start sharing what I was learning. It started as a podcast, and it’s evolving into a blog, email essays, creative offerings, speaking, and more!

What does worthfull mean?

Worth is innate. We come to this world already, always full of worth. Nothing we do or become changes that. But we tend to forget.

So I started this project in the fall of 2017 as a reminder to myself, and to anyone who is interested, that we are already, always full of worth. We are worthfull.

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