Christine Baird


My name is Christine Baird. I'm the founder of the Worthfull Project. At my day job, I'm a professional podcast consultant. But I'm much more than my day job. I know you are too.

That's one reason I started this project. I've been on the journey of learning to own my worth for the past few years -- therapy, coaching, workshops, books, podcasts, relationships, mentors, etc. -- and I decided it was time to share what I was learning so that others could benefit besides just me.


What does worthfull mean?

I am learning that worth is innate. We come to this world already always full of worth. Nothing we do or become changes that. But our minds tend to forget.

So I started this project, in the form of a podcast to begin with, as a reminder first to myself, and to anyone who listens, that we are already always full of worth. We are worthfull.

Follow along

Feel free to follow me on social media for updates as this project grows. I have lots of exciting plans in the works!

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