• My Thoughts on Commoditizing Ourselves Through Social Media
    Yes, I’m still talking about this because I keep thinking about it This week, I did the thing I’ve been contemplating and made my personal brand/life private on social media. It was a long-thought over decision, and I’ve been talking about it for months. So finally doing it felt great. What was surprising was how […]
  • EP 162 // Grace for Your Pace // Worthfull Affirmation
    “Maybe you’ve been going at your very highest pace for a very long time.” The phrase “grace for your pace” descended into my mind a few weeks ago, and I saved it for a worthfull affirmation episode. It seems that the times we live in are a constant pull on our pace. There’s always a […]
  • Why I’m Making My Personal Brand Private
    The social media saga update we’ve all been waiting for Ok, here we go with the update on my months-long existential crisis over social media and what it’s become(ing). As I’ve shared before, I began feeling a sense of unease, low-level anxiety, and overall misalignment with social media in general when I started using it […]
  • EP 161 // Being Your Own Steward // Worthfull Affirmation
    “How well are you stewarding yourself?” I get to edit my friend Tiffany Peterson‘s podcast, which is a delight. Recently on her show, she posed the question, “How well are you stewarding yourself?” It struck me immediately because I’d never thought about self-care in that way before. Then I started to think about how this […]
  • A New Way I’m Thinking About Community
    How I feel after catching up with a best friend I feel like there’s been a lot of talk about the word “community” in the past year and I haven’t really paid much attention to it. I thought I knew what it meant and I didn’t feel interested in exploring it further. But then one […]
  • EP 160 // You Are Known // Worthfull Affirmation
    “You are known by the best parts of yourself.” I love reading Esther Perel’s monthly email letters. She’s a world-renowned relationship therapist that teaches about how important it is to be connected to our aliveness, the fact that we are seen and known. I’ve been thinking about how powerful it is to know that we […]
  • How Escapism Is Helping Me Remember My Worth
    I think we’re mostly in agreement that 2021 has been really hard When I was younger, I thought escapism meant that you were irresponsibly avoiding important parts of life. After a while, I learned that occasional escapism was a fine stress reliever, as long as it was temporary and contained. I kept myself too busy […]
  • EP 159 // Change Nothing But the Amount of Love You Give to Yourself // Worthfull Affirmation
    “Change nothing except the amount of love you give to yourself.” – Sarah Blondin I heard this beautiful phrase while listening to a meditation a few weeks ago, and it sunk right into my heart. I hadn’t ever thought that the only thing that might need to change in my life is the amount of […]
  • What I’m Learning About Trauma and Self-Worth
    The things I’m interested in as an adult are different than the things I was interested in as a kid If you’re like me, your interest in trauma — how it works and how to heal it — has steadily risen with each passing adult year of life. It’s really hitting a stride for me […]
  • EP 158 // I Know // Worthfull Affirmation
    “I know that you’re working your very hardest at being the kind of person you wish you were.” As usual, I recorded this affirmation for myself, because it’s what I needed to hear. I read a snippet somewhere recently that started with, “I know that life is . . .” and it felt so comforting […]

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