• EP 159 // Change Nothing But the Amount of Love You Give to Yourself // Worthfull Affirmation
    “Change nothing except the amount of love you give to yourself.” – Sarah Blondin I heard this beautiful phrase while listening to a meditation a few weeks ago, and it sunk right into my heart. I hadn’t ever thought that the only thing that might need to change in my life is the amount of […]
  • What I’m Learning About Trauma and Self-Worth
    The things I’m interested in as an adult are different than the things I was interested in as a kid If you’re like me, your interest in trauma — how it works and how to heal it — has steadily risen with each passing adult year of life. It’s really hitting a stride for me […]
  • EP 158 // I Know // Worthfull Affirmation
    “I know that you’re working your very hardest at being the kind of person you wish you were.” As usual, I recorded this affirmation for myself, because it’s what I needed to hear. I read a snippet somewhere recently that started with, “I know that life is . . .” and it felt so comforting […]
  • Why I Want to Build a Business Bigger Than Myself
    It’s taken me years to understand the real worth of privilege Here’s a phrase I said repeatedly in my twenties: “I don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in my body.” I truly believed that. This was during the chapter of my life when I sold insurance in a cubicle for 10 hours a day. Then I […]
  • EP 157 // Why Women’s Worth // Worthfull Affirmation
    “What can I do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther.” Rupi Kaur It’s been a heavy and overwhelming week in the world. Crises in Afghanistan, Haiti, and so many places as a result of the Earth’s climate crisis and humanity’s crises around politics and social justice have all […]
  • EP 156 // When It Hasn’t Happened Yet // Worthfull Affirmation
    “Maybe when it hasn’t happened yet, it’s because the very best version of it hasn’t quite been birthed.” I’ve been working on something for a long time that hasn’t happened yet. It’s felt like a marathon that’s lasted months, maybe years. It’s a really good thing that I know will be good for everyone involved. […]
  • I Feel a Sea Change with Social Media
    My intuition knows something my brain hasn’t figured out yet This is how I make big decisions: I subconsciously percolate on them for months, and then when it’s time to take action, I make seemingly bold moves without much thought because I’ve actually been processing it under the surface for a while. This happens with […]
  • EP 155 // You’re the Best // Worthfull Affirmation
    “Being the best, when you’re in a class of one, is a privilege and a joy.” I recently found a card I wrote to myself years ago. It was a simple pick-me-up, a reminder for a rainy day. On the front of the card it said, “You’re the best,” in lovely gold scripting. I set […]
  • It’s Safe to Be Beautiful Here
    Been sitting on this idea for a long time Years ago, when Worthfull Project was a new podcast and I was exploring what I wanted it to be about, I remember thinking a lot about beauty. I dubbed the year I turned 30 as the “year of beauty.” I invested in my appearance, my study […]
  • EP 154 // Be Patient With Yourself // Worthfull Affirmation
    “Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.” I’ve been practicing a lot of patience so far this year. In the pandemic, in my business, in my marriage, in other ways. It’s been powerful and stretching and at times tiring. But I’m trusting that seasons of patience are leading to seasons of blooming […]

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