• EP 155 // You’re the Best // Worthfull Affirmation
    “Being the best, when you’re in a class of one, is a privilege and a joy.” I recently found a card I wrote to myself years ago. It was a simple pick-me-up, a reminder for a rainy day. On the front of the card it said, “You’re the best,” in lovely gold scripting. I set […]
  • It’s Safe to Be Beautiful Here
    Been sitting on this idea for a long time Years ago, when Worthfull Project was a new podcast and I was exploring what I wanted it to be about, I remember thinking a lot about beauty. I dubbed the year I turned 30 as the “year of beauty.” I invested in my appearance, my study […]
  • EP 154 // Be Patient With Yourself // Worthfull Affirmation
    “Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.” I’ve been practicing a lot of patience so far this year. In the pandemic, in my business, in my marriage, in other ways. It’s been powerful and stretching and at times tiring. But I’m trusting that seasons of patience are leading to seasons of blooming […]
  • I’m a Slow Roads Kind of Person
    Some realizations take their time to come to me One of my favorite Instagram accounts to pop up in my feed is called @slow_roads and the description in the bio is simply “made by time.” Every post is a gorgeous, understated photo of a place or situation that has been made beautiful by a bygone […]
  • EP 153 // Die and Come to Life Again // Worthfull Affirmation
    As long as you do not know How to die and come to life again, You are but a sorry traveler On this dark earth. – Johann von Goethe I heard a short poem by Goethe in a mediation class a few years ago, and I jotted it down in a note on my phone […]
  • Why I’m Only Interested In Being Coached by Women (of Color) Right Now
    White girl talking about black people Well, this is mostly what I’ve been thinking about lately, so here we go. A few months ago, in the quiet of the pandemic winter, I started to feel a deep shift bubbling up from inside me. I couldn’t put words on it right then, but I was paying […]
  • EP 152 // Believing Is Beginning // Worthfull Affirmation
    Worth is constantly birthing belief. I’ve been listening to some great new voices in business, entrepreneurship, mindset, and lifestyle. They’re refreshing, honest, empowering, and grounded. (And they happen to be women, mostly women of color. Coincidence?) They are reminding me that belief in myself is the beginning of making my dreams reality. Not the daydream […]
  • My Love Letter to Podcasting
    Feeling a new kind of excitement A few years ago, right after I had moved to Salt Lake City from LA, I had a good amount of free time on my hands. It was the holidays, I was in a career transition, and I had time to catch my breath and take a look back […]
  • EP 151 // Faith, Hope, and Worth // Worthfull Affirmation
    Worth is the foundation that allows us to believe in faith and hope. Faith, hope and charity are the three highest virtues espoused in Christianity. I’ve been raised on their power and importance my whole life, and I believe in them. But I had a thought before I made this affirmation that worth is the […]
  • Worthfull Changes I’m Seeing In Online Business
    I feel I am getting slightly tan after a year of being inside. A few months ago I started seeing new kinds of emails showing up in my inbox and new kinds of posts appearing in my Instagram feed. They weren’t frequent or everywhere, but they were noticeable. The people writing them were fellow online […]

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