• EP 200 // 6 Years of Studying Self-Worth // Christine Baird and Rebecca Regnier
    Friends, here we are at episode 200 of the Worthfull Project podcast! I barely saw it coming, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to reflect on the things I’ve learned about self-worth through six years (so far) of talking about it on this show. I’m so delighted to welcome back my dear friend … Read more
  • EP 199 // What Surprises Me About Worth // Christine Baird
    I’m back from an unplanned summer break. And we are almost at episode 200! Wow. I’m excited to share again what I’m learning about worth in this season — because it’s a season where I’m working every day far out of my comfort zone, on stuff I’m not good at, and it feels like my … Read more
  • EP 198 // Words We Speak to Ourselves // Christine Baird
    “It’s easier to build our self worth with kind words when things are going well.” It’s just me today on the episode, reminding myself of some basic self-worth tips. I’ve noticed that it’s easier to build my self-worth when things are going well — and that’s important to do so that when I’m in a … Read more
  • EP 197 // When It’s Good to Be Empty // Brandy Lee
    “Are we making space for people or are we making space for stuff?” In another installment of me catching up with my friends on the podcast, I got to have a conversation with Brandy, who you might remember from the bonus series Worthfull Home. She is so wise, so kind, and so productive — which … Read more
  • EP 196 // Taking Space and Singing the Melody // Emily Snyder
    “You’re not going to get picked apart in the support role nearly as much as somebody gets picked apart in the melody or the spotlight role.” I have been texting friends I want to catch up with and asking them to come over to the studio to record a podcast as our hang out. It’s … Read more
  • EP 195 // Expressing Worth with and without Words // Heather Francis
    “Maybe owning our worth with our words is about being calm and trusting that we know the right channel and medium to communicate what we’re trying to communicate.” My good friend Heather came back on the podcast after a couple of years to talk with me about ways she’s learned to communicate her worth without … Read more
  • EP 194 // What’s Special About Being Specific // Christine Baird
    “What happens when we’re courageous enough and clear enough to be specific about what we’re up to?” I’m back with a solo episode (a week late) and this one is about something I’ve been mulling on for months/years, but has really hit home for me lately. It has to do with the worth of our … Read more
  • EP 193 // Choosing What to Say and Not Say // Elise Gubler
    “Listening can be a way to align your words with your worth.” My dear friend Elise Gubler came on the show to talk about her experiences with worth and words as a PR professional for both a large international church and now as a MBA student in her mid-30s. I love Elise for many reasons, … Read more
  • EP 192 // What to Do Without Clarity // Kristen Metzger
    “The best stories are the ones with turns and twists that you’re not expecting.” My dear friend Kristen Metzger, who you just heard from 2 episodes ago, was back in town, and while we were catching up, I asked if she wanted to turn the mics back on so that we could “process out loud” … Read more
  • EP 191 // Nourishing Ourselves with Kindness // Christine Baird
    “It’s what we take into ourselves that we then communicate to others in some form or other. Maybe that’s what we see in the faces of the holy ones. What glows so brightly in them is the serenity and kindness they have nourished within themselves all their lives.” – Sister Joan Chittister I read this … Read more