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  • My Thoughts on Commoditizing Ourselves Through Social Media

    Yes, I’m still talking about this because I keep thinking about it This week, I did the thing I’ve been contemplating and made my personal brand/life private on social media. It was a long-thought over decision, and I’ve been talking about it for months. So finally doing it felt great. What was surprising was how […]

  • Why I’m Making My Personal Brand Private

    The social media saga update we’ve all been waiting for Ok, here we go with the update on my months-long existential crisis over social media and what it’s become(ing). As I’ve shared before, I began feeling a sense of unease, low-level anxiety, and overall misalignment with social media in general when I started using it […]

  • A New Way I’m Thinking About Community

    How I feel after catching up with a best friend I feel like there’s been a lot of talk about the word “community” in the past year and I haven’t really paid much attention to it. I thought I knew what it meant and I didn’t feel interested in exploring it further. But then one […]

  • How Escapism Is Helping Me Remember My Worth

    I think we’re mostly in agreement that 2021 has been really hard When I was younger, I thought escapism meant that you were irresponsibly avoiding important parts of life. After a while, I learned that occasional escapism was a fine stress reliever, as long as it was temporary and contained. I kept myself too busy […]

  • What I’m Learning About Trauma and Self-Worth

    The things I’m interested in as an adult are different than the things I was interested in as a kid If you’re like me, your interest in trauma — how it works and how to heal it — has steadily risen with each passing adult year of life. It’s really hitting a stride for me […]