Tag: anxiety

  • EP 113 // Being Worthy of Support // Christine Baird

    “If I don’t allow this paradigm shift to actually shift me, then what’s the point of it?” I don’t know about you, but I have been EMOTIONAL this past week. Combo of the world turning upside down indefinitely, postponing my wedding indefinitely, and taking on way too much energy as an empath, just to name […]

  • EP 81 // Worthfull Ways to Manage Mental Illness // Kristen Beckwith

    “Worth doesn’t change no matter what you think, what you feel, what you’ve been through, what’s happened to you.” I met a new friend in a line at a wedding a few months ago and it turns out we definitely were meant to record an episode on the Worthfull Project. Kristen has lived with intense […]

  • EP 71 // Believing in My Authentic Self // Chelsie Hightower

    The minute I’m trying to live up to people’s perception of me, and not just be me, the more inauthentic I feel. I am grateful that my friend Chelsie wanted to record an episode on this podcast, because I just knew she had solid insight into worthfull living. You may know Chelsie already if you’re […]

  • EP 54 // Finding My Worth Through Imperfection // Katie Lee

    “I add value by just being me.” I met a new friend at an open mic night (that she was performing at), and she started listening to the Worthfull Project when she found out about my podcast. I’m always so flattered and grateful anytime anyone listens to the show, but when she told me she had some thoughts to share that […]