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  • It’s Safe to Be Beautiful Here

    Been sitting on this idea for a long time Years ago, when Worthfull Project was a new podcast and I was exploring what I wanted it to be about, I remember thinking a lot about beauty. I dubbed the year I turned 30 as the “year of beauty.” I invested in my appearance, my study […]

  • EP 136 // Embodying Our Own Beauty // Christine Baird

    “Your needs will diminish as you embody your own beauty.” – Sarah Blondin I have been LOVING Sarah Blondin’s meditations the past few months. See below for links where you can listen – highly recommend! She is worthfull at its best. Today, I was listening to one while on my afternoon walk, and the line […]

  • EP 110 // Consciously Cultivating Our Beauty // Jenna Anton

    “The expression of beauty is called freedom.” I’ve been looking forward to sharing this guest episode for weeks. If you’re a long time listener of the podcast, you already know Jenna from episode 3, where she shared her powerful story of growing up in a cult and owning her worth as a extremely successful makeup […]

  • EP 98 // Believing I Am Worthy To Receive It All // Tara Starling

    “We only receive the things we believe we are worthy to have.” I have waited about six months to bring you today’s episode. Not intentionally, just because of scheduling and distractions, etc. But it’s worth the wait. I met my beautiful friend Tara a year ago at a birthday party and I have been continually […]

  • EP 89 // Owning My Worth As an Actress // Kristen Metzger

    “What you can control is the way that you see the opportunities you are given.” I have been looking forward to recording a podcast episode with my sister-friend Kristen for over a year. Because she lives such a world citizen, nomadic lifestyle, it finally happened after several attempts, and I’m so happy to share this […]