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  • My Thoughts on Commoditizing Ourselves Through Social Media

    Yes, I’m still talking about this because I keep thinking about it This week, I did the thing I’ve been contemplating and made my personal brand/life private on social media. It was a long-thought over decision, and I’ve been talking about it for months. So finally doing it felt great. What was surprising was how […]

  • I Feel a Sea Change with Social Media

    My intuition knows something my brain hasn’t figured out yet This is how I make big decisions: I subconsciously percolate on them for months, and then when it’s time to take action, I make seemingly bold moves without much thought because I’ve actually been processing it under the surface for a while. This happens with […]

  • It’s Safe to Be Beautiful Here

    Been sitting on this idea for a long time Years ago, when Worthfull Project was a new podcast and I was exploring what I wanted it to be about, I remember thinking a lot about beauty. I dubbed the year I turned 30 as the “year of beauty.” I invested in my appearance, my study […]

  • I’m a Slow Roads Kind of Person

    Some realizations take their time to come to me One of my favorite Instagram accounts to pop up in my feed is called @slow_roads and the description in the bio is simply “made by time.” Every post is a gorgeous, understated photo of a place or situation that has been made beautiful by a bygone […]

  • EP 84 // Bring Your Best // Christine Baird

    “Show up like your work matters.” I had a little epiphany while working on multiple client’s projects last week and realized it had to do with worth. I work with mostly personal brands, so how a client prioritizes their work tells me how much they own their worth. I recorded a quick solo episode as […]