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  • I Feel a Sea Change with Social Media

    My intuition knows something my brain hasn’t figured out yet This is how I make big decisions: I subconsciously percolate on them for months, and then when it’s time to take action, I make seemingly bold moves without much thought because I’ve actually been processing it under the surface for a while. This happens with […]

  • EP 140 // A Different Season of Gratitude // Christine Baird

    “My gratitude is focused on the peace I’ve been able to experience.” It’s Thanksgiving eve, in a truly unique year of challenge and heartache, and I’m feeling gratitude in a different way this year. I’m sharing a variety of thoughts in today’s solo episode — about what I learned from the Worthfull Motherhood bonus series, […]

  • EP 138 // Letting My Worth Create My Reality // Josh Rossi

    “Creating isn’t just thinking about it.” I love talking to creatives and artists. They always inspire me to look inside myself for my own creative worth. So when I got to talk to Josh Rossi, world-renowned digital artist of viral photo fame, I was delighted. You’ve probably already seen some of Josh’s work floating around […]

  • EP 137 // Mirroring Back My Results // Christine Baird

    “Seeing our results-based worth mirrored back to us helps us realize how infinite and huge our worth really is.” I have been a busy worker bee the past week designing a new site for my company, a new media kit for my personal brand, a new group coaching program, and a new podcast! I will […]

  • EP 136 // Embodying Our Own Beauty // Christine Baird

    “Your needs will diminish as you embody your own beauty.” – Sarah Blondin I have been LOVING Sarah Blondin’s meditations the past few months. See below for links where you can listen – highly recommend! She is worthfull at its best. Today, I was listening to one while on my afternoon walk, and the line […]