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  • EP 151 // Faith, Hope, and Worth // Worthfull Affirmation

    Worth is the foundation that allows us to believe in faith and hope. Faith, hope and charity are the three highest virtues espoused in Christianity. I’ve been raised on their power and importance my whole life, and I believe in them. But I had a thought before I made this affirmation that worth is the […]

  • Choosing What’s On My Plate

    The chocolate beet cake I made in an effort to make myself like beets. I jotted down the note “I chose what’s on my plate” so many months ago, I can’t remember the full context of that moment. But it’s been an idea simmering in the back of my mind for a while now. I […]

  • EP 112 // Uncertain, Unproductive, and Quiet // Christine Baird

    “There’s a bigger divine alignment happening that I don’t fully understand yet, but I trust it.” I did a little journaling last night and was surprised by what came out of me. So I’m sharing it + my thoughts about it on today’s episode. I’m noticing how relieving the quiet and slow down of world […]

  • EP 55 // Trusting the Process // Christine Baird

    “Your time may be now or you may be in process. Be patient and don’t rush the journey.” I read a note in my phone this morning (during my morning routine) that I wrote 4.5 years ago. It was from the very beginning of my big life transformation – when I quit my corporate job, was in therapy, building a whole […]

  • EP 36 // Loving Myself Enough to Tell the Truth // Bryce Fisher

    “The longer we avoid truth and honesty, the longer we’ll remain sick.” I got to talk to my dear friend Bryce this week about how he’s learning to tell the truth. He’s been on a journey of opening up and finding his voice again after years of brutal challenge. Not only has he weathered abuse, […]