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  • EP 176 // When the Bubbles Burst // Christine Baird

    “It’s so much more valuable within your career, and remember career can mean anything right now, to attach yourself to missions, ideas, and causes versus people, companies, and brands.” Because I’ve been reading and listening to some trend reports on our current economy, society, and culture, I’ve been thinking about how the inevitably of bubbles […]

  • EP 175 // When Not to Go All In // Christine Baird

    “We don’t have to be pro athletes to understand that bad things happen if you go all in for too long on anything, anywhere in your life.” I’ve been thinking lately about how much I’ve been told during my professional career that if I really want to be successful, I need to go all in. […]

  • EP 174 // Pay Attention to What You’re Paying Attention to // Christine Baird

    “Pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.” – @peopleiveloved I saw this note on the lovely artist Carissa Potter Carlson‘s Instagram account several months ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it. It’s become a tool I’ve used to orient myself on what kind of work my worth wants me to be focusing on. If […]

  • EP 173 // Remember How to Be Curious // Christine Baird

    “And I think that’s one of the biggest perks of doing worthfull work — when we’ve aligned our work, whatever it is, whatever you consider your day’s work, with our worth, it starts to remind us of all the other things that are aligned with our worth.” Here’s what I’m discovering as I’ve been paring […]

  • EP 172 // Creative Work Is Worthfull Work // Christine Baird

    “Our worth has had a chance to be heard during this really disruptive past couple of years and we’re realizing, ‘If I’m not doing creative work, what that means to me and my gifts and talent, then I’m not doing it.’” I am in the middle of a creative evolution with my work. And probably […]

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