EP 50 // Reflections on Year One of Worthfull Living // Rebecca Regnier

“There’s a remembering that’s always happening while we’re here.”

Wowie zowie, here we are at Episode 50 and the end of the first season (and the first year!) of the Worthfull Project podcast!

I have all joyful emotions at this moment. Gratitude, grace, abundance, happiness, appreciation, respect, humility, and more.

To think that a year ago I started this podcast because I said I would and now I’ve been able to experience so much beauty and connection through it is a BLESSING.

To celebrate this little milestone, I invited back my first guest (and one of my best friends), Rebecca, who has been my accountability partner the whole way through.

We reflect on a whole year of worthfull living, what we have created, and where we still have room to grow.

I’m taking the last few weeks of the year to meditate and prep for an elevated Season 2. I can’t wait to keep going on this journey with you.

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Show notes:

  • The relationship between good things happening to us and standing in our worth (3:03)
  • How to own your worth when you aren’t working a “job” (4:51)
  • What ownership actually means (9:20)
  • What it looks like to own your worth while in uncharted waters (10:54)
  • A near death experience perspective on why worth and love are the foundation of our existence (20:10)
  • Why our perspective on our worth impacts our choices so much (24:27)
  • The worthfull practices that have meant the most to me this year (25:30)
  • Where Rebecca and I are still learning to own our worth (29:31)
  • How your body signals to you when you are not owning your worth (36:05)
  • The relationship between money and self-worth (37:30)

“Recognizing where you have choice, and choosing to exercise it, is a very big deal.”

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