EP 104 // An Honest Kind of Love // Michael Wood

“I’ve changed in order to love you in the ways you need to be loved.”

Well here it is – the episode where you get to meet my  fiancé  Michael and hear about our relationship from his own mouth.

Per popular request, I asked him if he’d be willing to come on the podcast to share some of his insight into building a worthfull kind of love in our relationship. Of course, this is really a treat for me more than anything.

You get a front row seat to our process as we are learning daily what this looks like. In our conversation we talk about what we are both learning about worth and love, partnership, honesty, and how each person needs to be loved for who they are.

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Show notes

  • What Michael is learning about loving me in my full worth by being honest (3:37)
  • How you can prepare someone to receive your love (14:32)
  • What Michael has learned about the ways I need to be loved (16:08)
  • What I have learned about worthfull love from dating Michael (30:02)

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