EP 116 // Becoming the Love of My Life // Carmina Becerra

“The camera brings up all of our insecurities.”

I am thrilled to know the people I know. My friend Carmina is a gorgeous woman with an amazing career as a former TV host and now on camera transformational coach. But that’s all beside the point because what we talked about in our conversation for the podcast was about something deep and important.

Carmina has spent years and years coaching people about how to show up as their true, best self. On camera and off, she has seen how our insecurities rise to the surface when we compare the image of ourselves to what we think we are supposed to be.

In this episode, we talk about what it actually looks like to own your worth while showing up imperfect, as you are, and loving exactly who that is. (*Note: you’re going to want to check out Carmina’s online workshops that are just SO TIMELY right now while we are all showing up on camera during quarantine.)

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Show notes

  • Why everyone can struggle with feeling confident on camera (3:09)
  • What happens when we see ourselves on camera (7:25)
  • How working as a TV host cut away at Carmina’s confidence to be herself (11:15)
  • Why our imperfections make us valuable and interesting to others (21:40)
  • How to think of fear as excitement because you care (25:10)
  • How Carmina has learned to come home to herself (34:01)

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