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Welcome to the first ever Special Series on the Worthfull Project podcast! This idea came to me several weeks ago as I was thinking about the next chapter of the podcast and I’m very excited to share it now.

I have found certain topics relating to self-worth that are especially interesting to me, so I wanted to record mini episodes on each of these topics where I interview several people on the same topic to get a rich perspective on how to own my worth in these areas.

This series is all about creating a worthfull home – or a home for your worth. Since this is my current obsession, I splurged and interviewed seven of my dear friends who I think exemplify a worthfull home beautifully. I made this series with the intention to binge listen, but enjoy however you want.

Emily Snyder

  • This episode is with my brilliant friend, Emily Snyder, the Chief of Staff at Magnolia, a deep thinker and old soul, who is one of the most conscious home-creators that I know. Talking with Emily is always a gift because we usually laugh and cry in the same conversation.

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Rebecca Woolston

  • This episode is with my long-time friend, Rebecca Woolston, a graphic designer, professional crafter, wife, mother, and amazing woman, who is constantly making beautiful objects, as well as renovating her home. Also, Becca keeps it real. (Fun fact: she and Emily Snyder are sisters!)

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Alyssa Sherman

  • This episode is with my main Marco-Polo-during-quarantine friend, interior designer and healthy-food enthusiast, Alyssa Sherman. Not only is she a professional residential interior designer (aka she designs homes for a living), Alyssa is someone who thinks deeply about what curating a home means. We talk about this all the time on Marco Polo, so I brought our conversation to the podcast.

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Tiffany Peterson

  • This episode is with my sister-friend, life coach, mentor, peer, podcast-buddy, client and joy of a woman, Tiff Peterson. I could go on for days why I love Tiff as a friend, but the experience of being in her home is magical. It’s the most nourishing, calm, beautiful experience, and I love her thoughts on how she creates this.

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Alexandra Steele

  • This episode is with the incredibly talented artist, photographer, home creator, mother, and wife, Alex Steele. We met through a dear friend years ago when we all lived in LA, and it has been so fun and inspiring to follow Alex’s work through the years. To date, she still writes one of my favorite weekly email newsletters.

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Brandy Lee

  • This episode is with my gorgeous friend, photographer, home remodeler, marketer, and huge heart, Brandy Lee. Brandy and I tend to giggle with joy when we are talking, and to hear her talk about remodeling her home and creating a space that is intentionally for her was no exception.

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Christina Baltazar

  • This episode is with my dear sister friend Christina Baltazar, a realtor, home stylist, wife, mother, and brilliant woman, who I look up to as a conscious creator in all areas of life. When I need a solid pick-me-up-with-a-dose-of-God-wisdom, I listen to Christina.

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