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  • EP 151 // Faith, Hope, and Worth // Worthfull Affirmation

    Worth is the foundation that allows us to believe in faith and hope. Faith, hope and charity are the three highest virtues espoused in Christianity. I’ve been raised on their power and importance my whole life, and I believe in them. But I had a thought before I made this affirmation that worth is the […]

  • EP 150 // Your Worth Will Set You Free // Worthfull Affirmation

    Freedom is an experience we create for ourselves. I’ve been thinking about freedom lately and not in the physical sense. I’ve been thinking about freedom of spirit and of mind. Freedom from the walls I can build around myself when I think I’m not good enough. When I am not meeting my own expectations. This […]

  • EP 149 // Discomfort Doesn’t Last Forever // Worthfull Affirmation

    You are capable of staying uncomfortable and finding comfort there. We’re back to affirmation episodes this week. I’m all about breathers and breaks because they re-energize me around the things I love. I spent some time last week in a national park, off the grid, and soaked in all the medicine Mother Nature offers. It […]

  • EP 148 // Confidence As a Creator // Christine Baird

    If you’ve been wondering if it’s the right time to be creative, it is. And you are. I’m breaking the affirmation episode streak to tell a little story and do a little check-in with my year-long resolution to be a maker. To create. To reconnect with all my desires and abilities to explore art forms […]

  • EP 147 // Your Worth Is Ready For You // Worthfull Affirmation

    Your worth is ready for you to be the same on the outside and completely different on the inside. Welcome to a new season of the show: the Worthfull Affirmations season. Every other week, I’ll release a new episode on the podcast that will be a short affirmation set to music on a topic related […]