EP 189 // Let’s Align Our Words with Our Worth // Christine Baird

“Being honest is always interesting.” – The Boy, the Mole, The Fox, and The Horse

Welcome to Season 6 of the show! I feel lots of gratitude to my past self for starting it in 2017 and lots of gratitude for my present self for continually finding ways to keep it enjoyable, creative, and nourishing. I still love podcasting, what can I say? This season I feel pulled to explore what it means to align our words with our worth. What I mean by that is how to share what we know is true with the world while keeping our self-worth, boundaries, and relationships alive and well. I’m also excited to share that I’m bringing back guest episodes this season! I’ve taken a 2 year hiatus from them and am ready to share conversations around this topic with longtime friends and peers who I respect and know have wisdom on this. Subscribe to the show on your favorite listening app — we’ll be dropping episodes at least bi-weekly (or maybe weekly if I decide haha).

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