EP 38 // Choosing My Battles // Christine Baird

“There are so many battles that don’t need to be fought today.”

I was talking to my roommate Candice last night about how I’m learning to manage my responsibilities and also take care of myself.

We talked about how responsibilities can feel like battles – career, money, relationships, spirituality, etc. – and how they can overwhelm us if we’re not mindful.

I found myself sharing a thought that I’ve had many times but had never spoken out loud. I’ve learned to choose my battles on any given day and only expect so much of myself.

This has made a dramatic difference in my life. Instead of expecting a constant production and output of myself, I’m learning to ebb and flow with the battles I’m facing.

I’m learning to respect my unique journey and only choose the battles I’m capable of handling. This has become a standard for me of living a worthfull life.

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