EP 101 // Coming Home to Myself // Christine Baird

“Coming home to myself is the intention. Honoring my boundaries and living my values is the method.

This is the beginning of Season 3 of the Worthfull Project podcast! I am delighted to be here and to announce some lovely new developments with the podcast.

First, the theme of this season on the show (and in my life) is “coming home to myself.” Every episode with explore this topic and how it relates to owning one’s worth. I’m as excited as anyone to discover this along the way.

Second, I’m going to be posting 3 episodes a month and then 1 guest interview. The guests will all be fantastic. It’s going to be a great season.

If you’ve been along with me on the worthfull journey so far, here’s to the best year yet. If you’re joining me now, welcome. You are on a beautiful path.

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