EP 148 // Confidence As a Creator // Christine Baird

If you’ve been wondering if it’s the right time to be creative, it is. And you are.

I’m breaking the affirmation episode streak to tell a little story and do a little check-in with my year-long resolution to be a maker. To create. To reconnect with all my desires and abilities to explore art forms and make new things. I am loving it! Just a few months into the year, I’ve been making so much more than in any chapter of my life. And I’m noticing a shift in my identity.

My confidence is growing. Other people are starting to think of me as a creative. I’m starting to think of myself as a true maker. I’m feeling the strength grow in my creative muscles. I’m settling into new habits of how I do work and play and expression.

If you’ve been feeling the call to create, to express, and to explore, I hope you do. It’s the worthfull way.

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