EP 19 // Creating the Life I Talk About // Sami Udell

“Even when you don’t feel ready, you can still learn.”

This is one of my favorite podcast conversations to date.

Maybe it’s because it was such an in-the-flow-of-life conversation, or maybe it’s because Sami Udell is a friend who inspires me so deeply. Maybe it’s because I respect entrepreneurs who hustle and own their worth.

Whatever the reason, I am stoked to share what Sami and I talked about.

We met 3 years ago when Sami was my coach for a workshop I took shortly after moving to LA. Since then she has become a thriving personal chef, launched a food truck, and created the life of her dreams.

And she’s still right in the middle of continuing to create it every day. The hustle is real. It’s hard. And it’s worth it because she’s building the confidence that she can do anything.

I feel SO strongly about this, as it’s been a radically transformative shift for me to learn the same truth about myself.

Sami tells it like it is, with great insight and awesome stories, and I ate up every word (no pun intended, but yes, that was a great pun.)

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Show notes:

  • Why “scatterbrain” syndrome is often a sign of creativity (2:31)
  • What defines a successful person (3:59)
  • How to validate yourself when no one else is (7:26)
  • The clearest way to build your confidence in anything (10:30)
  • Why starting things before you are ready is so valuable (13:47)
  • The difference between being a slave to work and being passionate about what you do (23:45)
  • The true meaning of worthfull — not just self-worth (29:10)

“I’m more confident when I create the life that I talk about creating.”

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