EP 70 // Fear Doesn’t Dictate Worth // Christine Baird

“Don’t think less of yourself if you can’t be fearless. Doing it afraid is just as brave.”  – Morgan Harper Nichols

I read this quote this afternoon, and it validated a lot of my thoughts on fear and worth through the years.

It’s very easy for me to think of fear as a truth-teller; after all, it’s an instinct designed for survival.

But what it doesn’t tell the truth about is my worth. I can be terrified of all kinds of things and my worth is completely unaffected. Being fearless isn’t a sign of ultimate worth. Fear is simply a response to the unknown that tries to keep me safe.

I can do things that I’m scared of, while being scared of them, and rely on my worth to see me through the process. Knowing that my worth is unrelated to how afraid I am has been a beautiful revelation through the years.

In this solo episode, I share some thoughts on this, and why fearlessness as a badge of honor isn’t the best place to judge our worth.

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