EP 120 // Feeling Worthy of Good Things // Christine Baird

“There’s a god force in this world and an adversarial force in this world.”

I realized last week that there has been some dark energy at work in me the last few weeks/quarantine/pandemic. It’s been revealing to let it come to the surface and start to re-program my thoughts.

In a nutshell, one of my oldest and deepest insecurities, “I’m not worthy of good things” has reinvented itself on a grander scale and I’ve been feeling down during the pandemic. Ex. I’m not worthy of getting married, creating a new home, financial stability, etc.

Just in case you also have been noticing these kinds of *untrue* thoughts, I recorded a solo episode on how I’m starting to shift out of them and embrace my full worth, expect miracles, and fill up my hope bucket once again.

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