EP 5 // Finding My Soul’s Purpose // Sara Wong

“I was forced to figure out who I was.”

To question your worth is a shame.

Not the kind of shame you are supposed to feel like a bad person about. But a true tragedy.

That’s what my dear sister-friend Sara Wong said at the end of this spiritually rich conversation.

Sara and I met a couple years ago as mentors in a leadership program (yes, the same one I’ve referenced in almost every episode so far).

Right when we started coaching together, I knew she had something I wanted — the confidence of a woman who has learned to own her worth professionally.

As we have become closer friends and I’ve seen her go through career ups and downs, I now know her as a woman how owns her worth in ALL parts of her life.

She has been incredibly successful in her career in media and marketing, but as she explained to me, she sees her value far beyond her income and resume at this point.

“We’re here for a reason and it’s not to compete with each other,” she said.

One of my favorite weddings I’ve ever attended is Sara’s (just this fall). The love and worth at that beautiful event was unforgettable.

Now Sara is in the middle of a massive career transition and I couldn’t be more excited to see her channel all her worth into her new calling – a light worker supporting others on re-connecting to their souls.

When Sara speaks, I listen. I invite you to as well in Episode 5 of the Worthfull Project.

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Show notes:

  • Why we don’t credit ourselves for our big successes (4:15)
  • What happens when we choose to be a lone wolf (13:15)
  • Why it’s okay to want more when you already have a good life (14:03)
  • How to view events (good and bad) in a positive light (17:05)
  • What happens to our ego when we get laid off (20:20)
  • How virtual reality can help us create new memories (22:30)
  • How to keep your worth intact when you get feedback that you’re not worthy (25:40)
  • Keys to getting through a huge lifestyle transition (31:07)
  • Where to start in discovering your soul’s purpose (33:05)
  • Why we don’t need evidence of our worth (39:30)

“I was always waiting for ‘When can I be me?’”

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