EP 121 // Finding Worth in Grief, Loneliness, and Addiction // Kylee Shields

“Worth gives you the strength to hold space for what you actually need.”

Today’s guest episode is covering some of my very favorite topics – get ready for it: grief, sadness, loneliness, and addiction. I know, it’s odd to say these are my favorites, but I learn so much about myself and others every time I talk about them.

I got to talk to my friend Kylee, who is a licensed clinical social worker and has a wealth of experience supporting people of all ages through these emotions. I love her perspective on why addiction isn’t all bad, what we learn from our shame, how worth isn’t an antidote to loneliness, and lots more.

If we don’t understand our darkest experiences, how are we to know the full extent of our worth despite them?

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Show notes

  • What boundaries have to do with self-love and worth (1:50)
  • How to reconcile losing something we care about with our worth (7:55)
  • Why self-worth doesn’t resolve loneliness (14:10)
  • What addiction really is and how to shift out of it (15:40)
  • What coming home to yourself means to Kylee (26:56)

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