EP 51 // Finding Worth in Studying Sacred Texts // Traci Garff Longmore

“When you give God time, He’ll talk to you.”

Wowie zowie. Season 2 of the Worthfull Project podcast is upon us, and there is a change in the wind.

I knew I wanted to elevate the show and the conversations I was having. Because why not?

So I thought about the best conversations I have and how I can bring those to the show.

And I started recording them with some of the most beautiful, brilliant people I’ve met.

This first one was revelatory to me, and maybe it will be for you as well. I sat down with my dear friend Traci, who is a master scriptorian and just started teaching the study of ancient scripture at the university level.

You can imagine the kind of conversations we have about God, purpose, life, faith, etc.

And while I thought we were going to be discussing just the worth of studying ancient spiritual texts to find wisdom about ourselves, we ended up going down rabbit holes we didn’t know the direction of.

What we ended up discussing at the end of the episode is one of the most exciting and meaningful lessons I’ve learned on this worthfull journey so far. It’s a clarity that came to me about how our infinite worth is related to the worth we place on our actions.

This is the beginning of a whole new chapter of the Worthfull Project. Thank you for joining me in it.

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Show notes:

  • Basic helpful tips to find value in studying ancient spiritual texts (4:46)
  • Why you don’t need to live in an exotic location to have deep spiritual experiences (6:40)
  • Why written words are so powerful to learn spiritual wisdom from (11:40)
  • The benefits of going straight to the source when seeking wisdom (13:12)
  • What we can learn in between the words that are written (14:18)
  • Why it’s valuable to learn from imperfectly written records (19:05)
  • Why we feel self-worth when we achieve something that we committed to (24:10)
  • How our self-worth is affected when we do something that doesn’t fit our moral code (26:32)
  • The choice we have to become unworthy or become worthy (33:04)
  • The connection between feeling unworthy because of our actions and our relationship with God (36:40)
  • Why God will always want to be in relationship with us (40:53)
  • How God holds the vision of our worth (44:22)

“The feeling of unworthy is actually the feeling of being separated from my worth.”

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