EP 10 // Knowing I’m Worth It All // Camille Nelson

“It was worth it to pursue because I was worth it. Because my own struggles were worth it.”

I made a new friend a couple of weeks ago when I was in Utah recording podcast episodes.

Great people know great people, and my friend Scott knows A LOT of great people. He connected Camille Nelson and I via text and less than 24 hours later I showed up at her home to record an episode knowing it would be a home run conversation.


Camille is an extraordinary musician (plays multiple instruments beautifully) and has been pursuing her love of music and several other careers for years (college professor, speaker, etc). As a fellow multi-passionate woman, I was so validated by the way Camille has navigated her multiple opportunities and interests.

I was also deeply touched by her willingness to talk about what it was like to live the first 18 years of her life with a terminally ill mother and then lose her right before her high school graduation.

We laughed a lot. We got teary. And I am so grateful to now count Camille as a friend.

This one is for everyone who has a big, unrealistic dream inside them that won’t stop pushing them into uncharted waters. It turns out, those waters can be the most beautiful ones to sail in.

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Show notes:

  • How Camille got out of music practice as a kid (2:30)
  • What it was like to be raised with a mom who was terminally ill (4:45)
  • The moment Camille discovered she was deeply connected to music (6:15)
  • How to tell what your true passion is when you love many things (13:20)
  • The difference between looking for outside validation and validating your own interests (14:50)
  • What it’s like to watch someone you love die slowly (16:39)
  • Why some of us put on a happy face even when things are really hard (18:00)
  • Why it’s okay to live for Option A and not just settle for Option B (22:15)
  • The courage it takes to decide your gifts are worth sharing (24:52)
  • How to go after what your gut is telling you even if no one else gets it (30:30)
  • The relationship between feeling worthfull and feeling joyful (33:14)
  • How our self-worth is reflected in how we treat others (35:30)
  • The power of having good friends around you (38:01)
  • Camille’s worthfull recommendations (40:00)

“Our struggles reveal our art.”

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