EP 12 // Learning to Listen to My Soul // Saray Deiseil

“When things come back and knock on your door, open the door.”

Some people are born with incredible gifts that are obviously meant to contribute in a big way to the world.

My friend Saray Deiseil is one of those people.

She is a filmmaker, producer, director, IronMan triathlete, spiritual seeker, and so much more.

Not only has she directed award winning documentaries and currently works in post production on major network TV shows, she also has known for over a decade that she would work in this industry and be successful.

One of the things I most admire about Saray is her willingness to listen to her spirit and follow her intuition with a beautiful level of trust I rarely see.

She has been a big example to me of this and so much else. In this conversation we got to unpack what happens when we take the time to sit and listen with full presence to another person’s story.

There is nothing quite like it to reveal someone’s worth.

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Show notes:

  • How producing an independent documentary taught Saray about her own worth (12:20)
  • What she learned from a group of undocumented immigrant kids who were making a statement about their worth through her film (16:10)
  • The value of listening to another person’s story to understand their worth (17:30)
  • What following your own spiritual path teaches you about your worth (27:55)
  • The power of making a big lifestyle change to support your overall health (30:15)
  • Why it’s so important to define your own spiritual belief system (32:01)
  • Saray’s advice for creating a life worth living (36:15)

“You don’t have to live in anyone else’s path.”

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