EP 57 // Letting In a Worthfull Kind of Love // Christine Baird

“‘There’s too much risk in loving,’ the young boy said. ‘No,’ said the old man, ‘There’s too much risk in not.’” – Atticus

I have something special to share with you in honor Valentine’s Day today — and in honor of the journey I’ve been on to open my heart back up to love, from a place of worth.

For the past few years, and the past year specifically, I have been healing some deep wounds around love. I’ve been learning new habits, letting old ones go, rewiring my brain and heart to attract love based on worth.

It’s been an extraordinary journey, that I am still in the middle of, and I’ve been blessed with so many tools along the way. I’ve also recently attracted a wonderful man into my life, so it felt time to share what has been working to do that.

I wanted to open my heart and share more than I have before. To offer anything that has supported me to you and trust that it will be of service.

I wanted to send you a love note today, a reminder that when we live worthfull lives, we attract in the very best, and that includes amazing relationships and the partner of our dreams.

I’d love to hear what tools have supported you in opening yourself to love and attracting worthfull relationships. We’re all in this together. Much love today and always xoxo.

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