EP 21 // Looking for the Evidence That I’m Worthy // Laurie Davis Edwards

“When we don’t feel worthy, we’re looking for the evidence that we’re not.”

There’s one topic I haven’t dived into yet on the podcast, and it’s not because I was avoiding it.

It’s something that I’ve been working quite a bit on myself — owning my worth in romantic relationships.

However, it wasn’t until I was introduced through a mutual friend to the renowned love and dating coach Laurie Davis Edwards that I decided it was time to dive into this topic publicly.

Laurie is an incredible example of walking her talk in this arena. Not only has she gone through some of the worst lows in her relationships, she has also created the tools to get out of the valleys, find an incredible partner, be happily married, become a mother, and coach thousands of women of all ages in doing the same.

Her willingness to discuss all parts of her journey, and how she still practices these same tools today, really inspired me.

Not only do I believe we are all worthy of wonderful relationships with our partners, this episode made me think in a new way about how quickly we can create that when we own our worth.

Consider this the first of many on the topic of owning our worth in our love lives.

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Show notes:

  • What the turning point into worthfullness can look like (7:25)
  • How to get out of a “lonely loop” (12:05)
  • Why circumstances don’t have to change for you to feel worthy (15:23)
  • How to look for evidence that you are worthy (17:25)
  • An exercise to become mindful of how you view yourself (21:16)
  • What romantic relationships teach us about the rest of our lives (27:18)
  • Proof that it doesn’t take a long time for love to come into your life (29:30)
  • The science behind why we want romantic partners so much (37:48)

“Feeling worthy is a choice.”

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