EP 28 // Making My Digital Persona Worthfull // Christine Baird

“No matter what we may or may not offer through our digital personas, we’re worthy of love and belonging.”

I spend a lot of my time professionally thinking about what makes a powerful digital persona. It’s the business I work in.

So when I was watching the new announcement about IG TV today, I got reflective about how I judge people’s worth based on their digital persona.

This of course got me thinking about multiple conversations I’ve had, even this week, about the future of social media and how we relate to each other on those platforms.

Eventually I got thinking about what it means to own my worth via my digital persona. Why it matters. Who are good examples of this. And what I am doing to be responsible about what version of myself I present digitally to the world.

This solo round is a introduction to my thoughts on this topic — I’m sure more will be coming. I’d love to hear yours after you listen!

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Show notes:

  • What a digital persona is (1:53)
  • The difference between what we see of each other online and who we are (3:26)
  • How I view my own digital persona (6:13)
  • Why our digital personas matter so much going forward (8:10)
  • A few of my favorite worthfull digital personas (10:10)
  • My evolving relationship with my own digital persona (14:40)
  • The difference between offering content to be seen and offering content to add value (17:15)
  • The future of digital personas (18:25)
  • What to do if you’ve been comparing yourself to digital personas (21:10)

“It’s impossible to share all of who we are on these platforms.”

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