EP 59 // Overcoming the Resistance to Worth // Christine Baird

“Resistance is simply my ego trying to keep me safe. But the truth is, I am safe.”

I have been working on (and procrastinating on) a big project for months now. It’s going to be a really wonderful thing once I finish it. But I’ve had plenty of resistance come up against me doing just that.

I realized today, after committing that no matter what, today was the day that I would finish the project, that this resistance has been pushing on me the whole time, but it was subtle. As it often is.

Instead of me feeling burdened by the resistance to finishing my project, I found all kinds of great things to distract myself with.

And it wasn’t until I got some serious accountability from true friends that I could really feel the power of the resistance to me creating something really great that would force me to own my worth.

Of course I wanted to record a solo episode about this because the resistance shows up for any of us who are choosing to own our worth. Our egos want nothing more than to keep us safe and hidden in our comfort zones. But that’s not what our worth is meant to do.

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