EP 61 // Owning My Worth as a Leader // Samantha (Sammy) Rabstein

“Candor heightens the feelings of trust.”

I had the delightful opportunity to visit the home of my dear friend, client, and co-worker Sammy last weekend while in LA, and we recorded an episode for the podcast.

This isn’t a typical Worthfull Project episode. It’s a deep dive into the nuance of worthfull communication and leadership from the perspective of someone who has some SKILLS.

Sammy is an incredible businesswoman, talent scout, and has a mind for curation and powerful conversation like few people I’ve met. She works with some of the most successful and influential people in the world and she finds ways to present them in the best light. Working with her has been wonderful, and becoming friends has been even better.

I am grateful for the chance to record this conversation so that more people can hear the brilliance of a worthfull woman in the workplace and in life.

Show notes

  • What some of the most important people in the world teach us about self-worth (4:32)
  • How to understand the appropriate level of vulnerability to share in professional settings (11:12)
  • How Sammy learned to own her worth as a successful businesswoman (18:07)
  • The difference between being a strong, type A leader and being a stereotyped “boss bitch” (22:14)
  • Leaders who have inspired Sammy in her own leadership style (24:10)
  • How to own your worth as a leader (26:03)
  • The value of candor and optimism as a leader (30:19)
  • What death teaches us about our purpose (43:06)
  • How our worth is built by being honest with ourselves (51:36)

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