EP 48 // Owning My Worth As an Artist // Aimee Sones

“Something greater is always coming to us.”

My friend Aimee and I have endless conversations about the worth of being artists, how to value our creative time, what is possible when we spend more time in creative pursuits, and on and on.

So when she mentioned it could be an interesting conversation to record a worthfull episode on, I AGREED.

I’ve always had an artistic side to me and even studied Humanities in college. I’ve spent years and years pondering on the worth of the arts. This conversation is different though, because we talk about the worth of the artist.

I love Aimee’s perspective because she is not only a prolific artist herself (photography, glass blowing, ceramics, etc), she teaches the rising generation how to do the same.

This episode is for all the listeners who wish they spent more time being creative but have doubted the worth of that time.

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Show notes:

  • How to identify your worth separate from the value of your creations (8:02)
  • The value of ideas over outcomes (10:40)
  • Why artists add so much value to communities independent of their art (14:30)
  • The process of valuing your artistic work (19:05)
  • Why we need to treat our creative ideas like they are worthfull (28:40)

“The idea might be more important than the actual object.”

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