EP 80 // Owning My Worth As An Immigrant // Diana Tapia

“You’re discovering a new country, but you’re discovering a new person as well.”

I was recently introduced to a beautiful friend who knows first hand the experience of reinventing herself as an immigrant. Diana immigrated from Mexico to Canada 8 years ago, and through her experience she has been inspired to create a worldwide organization to support other immigrants in the process.

What was extra special for me about this conversation, in which we discuss what it’s like to own your worth as an immigrant in a new country, is that Diana has been a fan of the Worthfull Project for a while. She sees the vision and knows the power of what happens when we own our worth.

I loved learning about what it takes to own your worth when you are in a new country, with a new language, with little validation that you are valued. This one applies to all of us, because in the end, we’re all immigrants in some part of our lives.

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Show notes

  • What caused Diana to stand up for her worth as a working immigrant in a new country (8:30)
  • The transition from feeling low self-worth to getting a good job (12:58)
  • Diana’s advice to anyone who feels deeply undervalued (18:45)
  • The effect that the experience of immigration has on someone’s self-worth (21:32)
  • The sources of worth-deflation for immigrants (28:18)
  • What it takes to reinvent yourself (30:06)
  • What Diana learned about herself when she immigrated from Mexico to Canada (32:04)
  • Why it’s so important to be committed to our goals and flexible with the process (33:05)
  • What Diana wishes more people understood about immigration (36:05)

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