EP 37 // Owning My Worth While I’m Single // Christine Baird

“I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole.” – Rupi Kaur

I had a few requests from friends for episode topics and I was about to record one on career change. But then I realized I had an opportunity to talk about something much closer to my heart today.

I am single, I’ve been single for a long time, and I just got rejected yesterday in a promising relationship. So it’s a perfect time for me to check in with how I’m owning my worth while being alone.

I know a lot of us experience alone-ness on many levels. Being alone in the sense of being single, without a romantic partner, is definitely a poignant and sometimes heavy kind of aloneness.

But something changed for me in how I view this experience of aloneness in the last year.

My relationship with myself has beautifully transformed as I’ve practiced owning my worth by myself. And I’m really grateful for this transformation.

In this episode, straight from my humble, single heart, I’m sharing the ways I’ve learned to be at home and whole with myself. It’s one of the best parts of worthfull living.

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Show notes:

  • What it means to create home within yourself (5:55)
  • How to shift from being rejected to valuing yourself (10:35)
  • Ways to take care of yourself like you are your dream partner (15:40)

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