EP 20 // Owning Your Worth // Christine Baird

“It’s more than okay to show your worth. It’s needed, it’s desired, it’s wanted.”

I’ve had such a beautiful flood of ideas around what it means to live worthfully that I had to pop in for a solo round on Episode 20.

Also, we’ve hit episode 20! Wow! I didn’t even notice we’d come that far because I’ve been having so much fun with this.

Thank you so much for listening and sharing your thoughts with me on this journey so far. It’s everything.

I’ve recently been doing some deep work on myself via therapy and a book course, and it’s been a beautiful opportunity to take my understanding of worth to a new level.

As I’ve had conversations with friends recently, it occurred to me that I hadn’t made clear the distinction between knowing one’s worth and owning one’s worth.

And for me, the whole magic of being worthfull is owning that worth.

So in this solo episode, I’m sharing my recent thoughts on the power of owning your worth and what is possible when you do.

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Show notes:

  • The difference between knowing your worth and owning your worth (3:46)
  • The 3 ingredients of owning your worth (9:56)
  • What the world would look like if everyone owned their worth (12:03)
  • How ownership of worth is connected to the kind of love we can receive (15:10)
  • Why some of us are resistant to publicly showing our worth (20:20)
  • The cost of NOT owning your worth (23:10)

“When I choose to see my own worth, I can’t not see the worth in others.”

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