EP 66 // Prioritizing My Time to Bring Me Joy // Christine Baird

“Does the proportion of the amount of time you spend on certain tasks align with how much they matter to you?”

I’ve had a thought on my heart for months and months and I finally felt ready to talk about it on today’s solo episode. I was out for a run this morning in the beautiful springtime city, listening to one of my favorite podcasts, and feeling 100.

I knew there was no other place or activity that would be a better use of my time in that hour than exactly what I was doing – and yet it was 9am on a Tuesday, and for most of my life I would have considered that obvious “work time.”

I’ve come a long way in prioritizing my time to spend it on the things I most value, and I’m still in process. But I believe this is one of the most important decisions we can make in owning our worth. We don’t have much time given to us; we are worthy of joyful days as the rule and not the exception.

I’m sharing my thoughts in how to realign your time to reflect what you most value in this episode, and I would love to hear your thoughts on this after you listen.

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