EP 46 // Receiving Support Because I’m Worth It // Christine Baird

“I feel so full because I’ve been receiving.”

I just moved from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City and was a little occupied for the past two weeks (hence missing a week of posting an episode).

However, what I experienced during the move was so beautiful, I couldn’t wait to share an episode on the topic.

I have moved many times in my life but rarely have I ever received all the support people offer me. When I wasn’t owning my worth, I thought that other people should receive support before me — people who “needed it more.”

Due to my commitment to worthfull living, I said yes to ALL the support I was offered this time around, and MY OH MY what a beautiful, easy, joyful, non-exhausting experience it has been. I am overflowing with abundance in all areas as a result of receiving support.

In this episode, I use my move as an example of what’s possible when we receive all the support that is offered to us on a constant basis — because we’re worthy of it.

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