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  • EP 111 // 3 Layers Deep of Worthfull Care // Christine Baird

    “If there’s one thing I know, we all have something to contribute.” Well here we are, all trying to figure out how to be. Me included. Earthquake wake-up calls, quarantining, economic ???, and more. I’ve felt the call to slow down. To contribute. To connect. To isolate. And above all to be compassionate and worthfull […]

  • EP 97 // Give What You’re Here to Give // Christine Baird

    “It is no coincidence that you are on the planet right now living the life you are living.” I recorded a podcast episode today with a beautiful friend that I’ll share next week. Stay tuned. After we finished recording, we had a really special conversation in which she acknowledged me for what I am giving […]

  • EP 27 // Having Something to Offer // Christine Baird

    “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” – Marianne Williamson I just returned (tonight) from a really wonderful trip to Mexico City. I got to go there with a couple of vloggers, creators, and influencers who are committed to elevating the human experience. You can probably […]

  • EP 23 // Being Judged for My Greatness // Christine Baird

    “Why not give your greatness to the world and let them judge you for that?” – Trent Shelton I got to listen to a wonderful (and worthfull) conversation at my work today. I have the privilege of sitting in on the conversations that are featured on the School of Greatness podcast (the show I produce […]