EP 97 // Give What You’re Here to Give // Christine Baird

“It is no coincidence that you are on the planet right now living the life you are living.”

I recorded a podcast episode today with a beautiful friend that I’ll share next week. Stay tuned. After we finished recording, we had a really special conversation in which she acknowledged me for what I am giving to the world because I am choosing to own my worth. That stuck with me the whole day and I was still thinking about it tonight, so I recorded a solo episode on my thoughts.

I believe we are all designed with a very unique offering to give the world while we are here in it. It has nothing to do with being the best at something or making a certain level of impact. It’s just part of the bigger plan of life – we each give a valuable contribution. So if we don’t give what we are here to give, we are robbing the people who are waiting to receive our offering. I hope this will be a reminder to you, as it was to me today, that the world needs the contribution that only you can give.

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