Tag: mental health

  • A New Way I’m Thinking About Community

    How I feel after catching up with a best friend I feel like there’s been a lot of talk about the word “community” in the past year and I haven’t really paid much attention to it. I thought I knew what it meant and I didn’t feel interested in exploring it further. But then one […]

  • How Escapism Is Helping Me Remember My Worth

    I think we’re mostly in agreement that 2021 has been really hard When I was younger, I thought escapism meant that you were irresponsibly avoiding important parts of life. After a while, I learned that occasional escapism was a fine stress reliever, as long as it was temporary and contained. I kept myself too busy […]

  • What I’m Learning About Trauma and Self-Worth

    The things I’m interested in as an adult are different than the things I was interested in as a kid If you’re like me, your interest in trauma — how it works and how to heal it — has steadily risen with each passing adult year of life. It’s really hitting a stride for me […]

  • Bonus Series // Worthfull Health // Special Guests

    Welcome to the fourth Special Series on the Worthfull Project podcast! If you listened to any of the Worthfull Home or Worthfull Work or Worthfull Motherhood Special Series, you’ll enjoy this one focused on how we own our worth in our health — yes, we’re talking mind, body, and spirit! I have found certain topics […]

  • EP 127 // Belonging to and Becoming Myself // Jake Kauffman

    “Depression is the need for deep rest from the person we’ve become and not who we are.” What a treat I have for you today. I recorded this conversation a couple of months ago with my brother-from-another-mother Jake Kauffman about the good stuff – mental health, vulnerability, healing, depression, worth, and coming home to ourselves. […]