Tag: mindset

  • EP 73 // Yes I Do Struggle (Frequently) // Christine Baird

    “I use all of the tools, all of the time.” On my weekly accountability buddy call today, my sister friend Lucy mentioned that she is a fan of the podcast but hasn’t heard me talk about how I struggle (and move through struggle) very often on it. Lucy knows I struggle. She hears me talk […]

  • EP 60 // Shedding the Armor // Christine Baird

    “I’ve learned new ways to be protected and stay soft.” I just got to LA for a work trip and have been noticing my emotions and thoughts on returning to the city that so much of my worthfull journey has happened in. The most palpable feeling I recognized on my first night here was the weight of the armor that I wore when I […]

  • EP 56 // Worth Regardless of Circumstance // Christine Baird

    “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – Friederich Nietzsche I watched a TED talk today that made my whole world pause and sort itself out. You know the kind? This one is by a couple, Mark and Simone, who have faced extreme challenges. They called their talk, “A love letter to realism,” and it made me think of the choice I have every […]

  • EP 55 // Trusting the Process // Christine Baird

    “Your time may be now or you may be in process. Be patient and don’t rush the journey.” I read a note in my phone this morning (during my morning routine) that I wrote 4.5 years ago. It was from the very beginning of my big life transformation – when I quit my corporate job, was in therapy, building a whole […]

  • EP 49 // Finding My Worth in a Crucible of Chaos // Rebekah Anderson

    “Sometimes only a fire that hot can burn through our walls.” Sometimes a friend offers to record a podcast episode with me and they are the type of person who is willing to discuss the things most people are not willing to discuss. That is when I get really grateful that we are recording a […]