EP 100 // Cultivating Peace Within Ourselves // Rebecca Regnier

“We were born with the innate abilities to be at peace.”

Wowie! Episode 100! It didn’t hit me that the podcast has come this far until I edited today’s episode, recorded with my bestie and bi-annual co-host Rebecca.

I am feeling a little emotional as I write this (also because I went to therapy today) and I’m letting it all come up. This podcast is the longest running personal project I’ve ever taken on. It’s something I have learned to value, cherish, and commit to, even when I am tempted to skip it, downplay it, or just coast for a while.

In commemoration of two years of the show, the end of 2019, and the start of a new chapter of life, Rebecca and I discussed the ways we are learning to cultivate inner peace, let go of what we no longer need, and turn our hearts and minds forward to what we want to create. Thank you for being with me on this worthfull journey.

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Show notes

  • How to experience growth and creation while maintaining calm (4:37)
  • A different definition of peace (10:04)
  • Ways to cultivate peace in your heart (12:31)
  • Why we must believe we are worthy of inner peace (20:50)
  • How to find out what you’re ready to let go of (26:55)
  • What Rebecca and I are letting go of for the new year (28:20)
  • How a scarcity mentality can limit you and how to reverse it (42:35)
  • A meditation to let go and get clear on your new year intentions (44:26)

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